Private pay as you go

Everyone has individual requirements and the range of treatment is wide, we listen to our patients and understand the importance of the cost of service we provide and give a full commitment to be open and honest about all our fee's in any treatment you may require.
We provide a written treatment plan and of all your treatment costs and 0% finance is available from £250

New patient consultation Free
Routine check up £23

Panoral X-ray

Routine (20 mins) £42
Extensive (30 mins)with laser
Fillings from

Root Fillings (Price does not include final restoration)
Incisor/canine (1canal) £210
Pre-molar (2 canals) £252
Molar (3 or more canals) £347
Porcelain bonded crown £462
All ceramic crown £645
Veneer £446
Partial dentures £504
Full dentures (upper and lower) £893
Professional Tooth Whitening £230

Inman Aligner                                                                                                                        poa

Children - we offer special rates for children up to the age of 18 whose parents are regular patients.*
  • FREE check ups
  • Treatment with dentist as per fees
  • Half price for non adult teeth